Mary Humphreys

singer, musician, and song researcher

I sing traditional songs, accompanying myself on banjo, English concertina and sometimes on a one-row melodeon..

Working as a duo with Anahata who accompanies me on cello, Anglo concertina and a variety of melodeons, I also play keyboards and the occasional banjo in English Rebellion and keyboards and English concertina in Fendragon ceilidh bands.

I play English concertina in the strange and unusual Ethel's Cats ceilidh band.

I enjoy playing for two very different Molly dance teams: Old Glory Molly. and more rarely nowadays, Pig Dyke Molly.

I am currently the Treasurer of Suffolk Folk, a not-for-profit organisation based in East Anglia which promotes concerts and educational events in schools, runs a one-day festival in February each year and produces the East Anglian folk magazine Mardles.

My main occupation,apart from singing, playing at music sessions and for ceilidhs, is researching songs and tunes from East Anglia, specialising in Cambridgeshire and its near neighbours. I have written an award-winning book on Cambridgeshire folksongs which you can read about on another page. I also give talks to community groups, folk clubs and festival audiences on songs collected in Cambridgeshire during the last century.
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